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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I order a Saree with unstitched blouse?

Yes. Once you select the product to order, you can choice ANY OPTION either of unstitched or standard blouse. You can select another option to customize your blouse if you wish to.



What is the delivery cost for shipping within India?

The shipping charges get displayed, once you select the product in to the cart and are ready to make the payment. Time to time offers free shipping within India.



What is the delivery charge for shipping outside India?

The delivery charges may vary from country to country. The freight and other details will be displayed once you get the product into the cart and are ready to make the payment. Time to time, we offers free shipping outside India as well.



Is the delivery cost based on the weight of the package?

The shipping cost depends upon the number of products and their total weight, which also depends on the policy of shipping partners. We do keep try to reduce the shipping cost in the best interest of our clients.



Can I track the package once it was shipped?

Yes, you would receive an email with the Airway Bill number of the courier once it is shipped. You would be able to track it on our site and/or with the respective courier.



Why have I not received the products yet?

Sometimes, the delivery of the product may get delayed due to some or other reasons. There is no reason to worry as all our courier agents are registered .You can track the order using the tracking number provided to you when the orders gets dispatched. The tracking can be done through the courier agent’s website.



How to return the product, in case if the product - is physically damaged/ have manufacture defect/ received wrong product?

You can inform our customer care within a period of 24 hours of receiving the product via email or call to us. Please refer the Return policy for more details.



Will I get a full refund if I return the product?

The value of refund, varies from one case to another. It would be under the sole discretion of the operations. Please refer the Return policy for more details.



Are there any charges for refunds, if I return an item?

We will not refund the customs duties or taxes, if applicable, or paid by you at time of receiving the goods. Please refer the Return policy for more details.



Can I return a salwar kameez or a Lehenga, that’s stitched to my measurements?

Sorry, custom stitched products cannot be returned or exchanged. Please refer the Return policy for more details.



I bought a saree with blouse stitched, Can I return it or exchange it?

Returns would not be accepted for custom made/ stitched clothing, including for sarees where the blouse is stitched, readymade stitched sarees or sarees stitched with custom blouse. However we would accept returns if there are any faults from our end. Please refer the Return policy for more details.



What payment mechanism are accepted by the corporation?

We accepts all major debit and credit cards. The user gets an email confirmation once the payment is received by us.



Can I transfer money through Western Union?

Yes. Once you have send the money through Western Union, you are required to share 10 digit MTCN number along with your temporary reference number with us via email. Once we receive the payment, we will generate your order for further processing.



Can I pay using bank transfer? Where do I get details of your bank account?

Yes, you can pay through bank transfer. You would require to send us email with product code for bank transfer, once we receive your email confirming the product, we will share our Bank Account Details for bank transfer.



Can I use two or more payment mechanism to make a full payment of an order?

No. Unfortunately this facility is not available at this moment. You are required to use one payment mechanism to make the full payment of an order including shipping charges, if any.



What is difference between shipping Vs billing address? Can both be same or different?

The shipping address is the one where delivery is expected, while the billing address is the one from where the payment is made. They can be same or different for the order.



Is there any provisions by virtue of which the shipping address can be changed after the product is ordered?

Normally, we do not encourage such instances. However, you can contact our customer care to know the possibility in a particular case.

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